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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Is a collective of likeminded and inspiring female small business owners. It is a space where we support each other through the journey of setting up, managing and growing dreams. We have heard it everywhere, "it takes a village to raise a child", that is the same for a small business. We are all mothers, juggling life with little people, home and running successful businesses. The beauty of this little village is that we WANT to help make this journey easier on each other.

Having faced so many challenges on my journey of starting up and building my brand, it is so refreshing to have a group of strong women next to me, facing similar issues, holding each other's hands and catching them when they stumble.

I wanted to raise this, as no one sees what happens behind the scenes. It is hard, long hours, trying to juggle everything at once, dealing with delays, loss, damage, failed orders, sick babies, sick husbands, sick you, so much unnecessary noise...the list goes on. We keep on doing it and accept the challenges with grace, because we LOVE what we do and want to set examples for our children, raise ourselves up and make a difference. What you, the end customer see, is a beautiful product, and that is our reward. Small business owners face so many challenges, so when you shop or support small, you make an incredible difference to that person's life. We all literally do a happy dance when an order pings through.

What can you do for a small business owner?

1. Give them a good review by message, email or on Google.

2. Tell your friends about it.

3. Think about your purchase and if you can get it from a small business owner. By no means do we say don't shop the malls, because we do, but where you can, choose small and make someone's day a little brighter.

Here is my shout out to the amazing women in this group

Now it is your turn! Shout out, connect and support small where possible.

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Brilliant post and so true about wanting to support each other - we feel super lucky to be working alongside you!

Ane Matier
Ane Matier

Thank you lovely! The feeling is absolutely mutual! So much we can learn from each other x

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