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Mikri Thea Girl Frill Romper 11

Our Ethics

Being and creating an organic cotton clothing brand, our core values are ensuring all our clothes are made in an ethical and sustainable way. This brings immense responsibility. Every decision made is to ensure each baby romper, girls dress, boys shirt, trouser or shoe is made with minimal impact to the environment, slowly, kindly and ensuring our makers and artisans are treated fairly. So if it takes longer to produce, it is because we belief being kind to others is important. We produce in small quantities, because that is sustainable and slow fashion. All necessary steps are taken to minimise the impact we have on earth. We do not use plastic in our packaging from production until your child's clothes are delivered to you, neither do we print invoices. Our daily mantra is to make better choices each day in our business dealings and personal life. It is an ever evolving journey, being more conscious and living a sustainable life, setting an example for our little ones.

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